Baseball Cap w/Sagarifuji                                                         $15.00

It's baseball season, so get in the spirit with this beautiful purple cap with an embroidered Sagarifuji crest on the front of the cap.  You will stand out in a crowd sporting one of these caps.  Great for golf, walking, and Bon Odori.  Also perfect for keeping you hair covered during food preparation time.

One size fits all- get yours now!

Gift Items

"Omizu" Water Bottle Sleeve                                                       $5.00

Enjoy this handy water bottle tote to take with you on your daily walk, hiking, the gym, or while running daily errands.  The neoprene sleeves fit perfectly on water bottles and comes with an attached strap to carry by hand or to wear around your neck.  The design includes the kanji (pictogram) for the Japanese word for water, and the translation "Omizu" is printed below.  Comes in blue or green. 

Monk Bag- Small                                                                      $15.00

Tote your things around in this very stylish looking Monk Bag.  It fits comfortably around your neck and shoulder with zippered pockets to hold a book or tablet, and other necessities.  The design is embroidered boldly on the front of the bag- makes a great gift too!

Insulated Recycle Bags- "Mottainai"                                           $7.00

Keep hot things hot and cold things cold with our sturdy, insulated recycle bags.  The lined bag has a zippered top to keep things they way you want them.  Perfect for carrying hot take out food or for groceries and frozen food items from the market (remember, you save 10 cents in LA when you bring your own bag, so this bag will pay for itself in no time!).  Mottainai (wastefulness) is a reminder of the environmental waste caused by plastic bags.  

Available in Black, Purple, Lime, Red, Green and Blue.

Non-Insulated Recycle Bags- "Mottainai"                                    $5.00

Don't need insulation?  We also offer these lightweight recycle bags without insulation.  The bags are sturdy (no zippered top), and Still may save you 10 cents at the store!

Available in Red, Blue, Green, Purple, and Black. 

Travel Mug w/Sagarifuji                                                           $10.00

Enjoy your morning coffee or favorite beverage while you drive or travel using our stylish purple travel mug.  The Sagarifuji crest is emblazoned on the mug, which comes with a lid with a retractable lever for easy drinking.  It's like a sippy cup for grown ups!  The mug holds over 16 oz. of your favorite beverage and is dishwasher safe.

Avoid those dry cleaning bills and coffee stained pants- get yours today!

Club Gassho H20 Go 30 oz. Water Bottle (teal or black top)           $8.00

Drinking water is good for you, so why not carry water in this very trendy environmentally and health-safe water bottle.  Holds plenty of your favorite drink for everyday use, a long hike, or a workout at the gym.  Our classic Club Gassho logo is emblazoned on the bottle, and you can choose between a teal or black lid. 

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