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OBON 2019

It's Springtime, and Summer will be here before you know it. You will find the 2019 Obon Festival Schedule and list of Bon Odori dances on this page.  Start your stretching and conditioning so you'll be in shape for all the dancing action, not to mention all the hard work at your local Temple Obon Festival. 

Obon Items for Sale!

It's never too early to stock up for this year's Bon Odori. We have a variety of essentials for you:

  • "Images of Jodo Shinshu" Uchiwa- artwork by Rev. Masanori Watanabe of Oxnard Buddhist Temple;
  • Hand made bamboo kachi kachi;
  • Castanet style kachi kachi- red/blue or natural colors;
  • Youth kachi kachi- animal designs;
  • Tenugui (towels);
  • "Gathering​ of Joy" booklet;

Visit the Obon subpage in our "Items for Sale" page for more details on each item;

2019 Obon Festival Schedule

​Southern District Temples will hold their annual Obon Festivals throughout the summer.  The public is welcome- please support our Temples!

June 2019                                                    Hours                Odori

June 8             Arizona (Sat Only)              5:00-9:00             6:45

June 22           West Covina (Sat Only)       1:00-9:00             7:00

June 22-23       Sun Valley                  Sat: 5:00-10:00           7:00
                                  Sun: 5:00-9:00            6:30

June 29            Senshin (Sat Only)             5:00-10:00           7:00

June 29-30       San Fernando             Sat: 4:30-10:00           7:00

                                                        Sun: 4:30-9:00            6:30        

July 2019                                                                 Hours               Odori

July 13             Oxnard (Sat Only)             1:00-8:30            6:00

July 13-14         LA Betsuin               Sat:  2:00-10:00           7:00

​                                                       Sun: 2:00-8:30             6:30

July 20             Santa Barbara (Sat Only)  12:00-5:00      1:00 & 4:00

July 20-21        Orange County           Sat: 2:00-9:00            7:00

                                                        Sun: 2:00-8:30           7:00

                       Pasadena                   Sat: 4:30-9:00            6:30

                                                        Sun: 4:30-8:30           6:30  

                       Venice                       Sat: 3:00-9:00            6:30

                                                       Sun: 3:00-9:00            6:30

July 27-28        Higashi                     Sat:  1:00-9:00            6:30

                                                       Sun: 1:00-9:00            6:30

                       Vista                         Sat: 12:00-8:00           6:30

​                                                       Sun: 12:00-8:00           6:30

                       West Los Angeles       Sat:  4:00-10:00          6:30

                                                        Sun: 3:00-9:00            6:30

August 2019                                                              Hours                Odori

​August 3           Las Vegas (Sat Only)        11:00-3:30          12:45

​                        San Diego (Sat Only)        10:00-9:00           6:30

​August 10-11     Gardena                    Sat: 3:00-10:00         6:00

                                                         Sun: 3:00-9:00          6:00

2019 Dances

Each year, our Southern District Temples select the core dances to be included at all Southern District Obons.  Here is the 2019 list:

  • Bon Odori Uta (of course)
  • Goshugi Ondo (new)
  • Nagasaki Nonnoko Odori (new- kachi kachi)
  • Narita Bayashi
  • Okesa Utaeba (uchiwa-fan)
  • Oyama Ondo
  • Pokémon Ondo (last year's fan favorite!)
  • Shigisan Ondo (tenugui-towel)

Don't see your favorites?  Not to worry, each Temple may add additional dances for the Bon Odori.  If you make it to a few Obons, you will likely partake in One Plus One Ondo, Shiawase Samba, and Tanko Bushi.

Temples generally hold practices a couple of weeks prior to their Obon Festivals.  Check their websites (via our Links page) for specific dates/times.  You Tube often has versions of these dances posted if you can't wait.