Handmade Bamboo Kachi Kachi                $30.00 (Medium)/$35.00 (Large)

Kachi Kachi are hand held percussion instruments used in certain Bon Odori dances. Ours were hand crafted by George Abe, from bamboo and designed to provide a rich and pleasing sound- the "Mercedes of Kachi Kachi".

These are not painted- the natural color of the bamboo is retained, and comes in 2 sizes- Medium (for those with smaller hands) and Large. 

Prices:  Medium $25.00  Large  $30.00

Gourmet Gaki Apron                                                                   $15.00

Not into Bon Odori?  How about sporting this stylish apron while preparing some of the delicious Obon Festival offerings, or for cooking or grilling at home?  The apron is coated with Dupont Teflon fabric protector to keep stains off.  The Gourmet Gaki (what a cutie!) is embroidered on the front, and there are pockets in front to hold your wallet, keys, and anything else.  Comes in black- one size fits (most) all.    

Bodhi Bear Uchiwa (fan)                                                                $4.00

Have our friend Bodhi Bear joins the festivities with a traditional bamboo uchiwa (fan).  He is sporting his very own happi and looks like he's been dancing up a storm.  The uchiwa is available in 3 colors:  blue, green, and pink.  Perfect to use in one of our new 2016 dances, Sembazaru.  Get yours now! 

Obon Items

Beginner's Kachi Kachi                                                         $6.00/pair

Learning to play the Kachi Kachi can be difficult.  These beginner Kachi Kachi are perfect for children and those new to Bon Odori.  They are easy to use, and are blue in red to provide some Bon Odori flash.

SDDSTL Hongwanji Place- Welcome!!!

Gathering of Joy: A History of Bon Odori in Mainland America       $15.00

This booklet/DVD chronicles the meaning of Obon along with a collection of photos, clips, and vignettes detailing the spirit and rites of Bon Odori.  The interviews and images of Obons past show that our great traditions remain the same.  Look hard, you may find a younger self or loved one in some of the many photos.