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Gofuse Envelopes                                                                     $4.00/10

Another selection from our Special Occasion Envelope collection- Gofuse is used for offerings to the Temple.  The envelope has the Japanese kanji for Gofuse, along with a floral design at the bottom of the envelope.  There are 10 envelopes in each package, which includes an explanation of the meaning/use of Gofuse. 

Omimai Envelopes                                                                   $4.00/10

‚ÄčOmimai is a gift taken to a friend or loved on recovering from an illness or an accident, such as a flood or fire.  Package of 10, and includes an explanation for its use.

Gokoden Envelopes                                                                    $5.00/10

From our Special Occasion Envelope collection- Gokoden is our top seller.  Used for funeral offerings to the family of the deceased, The Japanese kanji for Gokoden is printed on each envelope, along with a lotus flower at the bottom.  There are 10 envelopes in each package, along with 10 sheets of white paper to wrap the koden and an explanation of the meaning/use of Gokoden.

Sagarifuji (Wisteria) Embossed note cards w/envelope         $6.00/10

You will love our all-purpose note cards.  The cards, with matching envelope, are printed on beautiful paper stock and each card has a Sagarifuji crest crisply embossed in the lower right corner to provide a subtle yet attractive design.

No pre-printed messages, so the 5" x 7" foldover cards can be used for a lengthy letter or a brief greeting or message.

Available in Gray, Light Blue, Sand, and Pink,