SDDSTL Hongwanji Place- Welcome!!!

Update- August 2018

Obon season is over                 

​Vacations have ended and kids are headed back to school.  In fact, the new Dharma School year is just around the corner too!

​Hongwanji Place is concluding a busy summer and we are preparing for 2 big events coming up this fall- look for us at the BWA Conference in Visalia and the Southern District Conference in Los Angeles!


​Going to Visalia?  Look for our 2 newest items, a Sagarifuji Luggage Tag, and a "I Love BWA" Keychain/Flashlight.

​TEASER- "Buddha's Buddies" are coming soon (back)!

​Look for our old friends Bodhi Bear and Dharma Dog, along with a new buddy- Karma Kat.

A new Dharma Message has been posted (Ohigan), and don't forget to see our various items for sale. 

You may also visit our store at Senshin Buddhist Temple to pick up your Obon materials.

Featured Item:  Namo Amida Butsu Cooling Fan

​Even though summer is over, many of us get hot flashes or just need something to cool us off.  This hand held battery operated fan not only keeps you comfortable, but displays a lighted message when running:

Buddha, Dharma, Sangha

Namo Amida Butsu

​Our signature "Club Gassho" logo is imprinted

on the body of the fan.

​Get yours now!    $8.00


Phone Number

You can reach us at (424) 258-5775.  This will hopefully allow us to continue to provide our customers with prompt service.  You can always send us an e-mail too!

E-Mail Address

​Our e-mail address is  Please add us to your contact list.

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Hongwanji Place is located at Senshin Buddhist Temple at 1311 W. 37th Street in Los Angeles.  Store hours are as follows:

                 Wednesday     10-3

                    Thursday       10-3

                    Friday           10-3
                    Saturday       10-3

                    Sunday         11:30-2

​Please call or email to confirm hours on the day/time of your visit.  You may also mail in your order for your favorite items.