​​Akemashite Omedeto!

Happy 2019- The Year of the Boar.  Those who were born in 1923,1935,1947,1959,1971,1983,1995, or 2007 are Boars.  The Chinese sometimes refer to this as the Year of the Pig (I think it's better to say "I'm a Boar" than "I'm a Pig").

Hope everyone has started their new year dieting, and made resolutions for 2019.  

For us at Hongwanji Place, it will be to continue to provide a variety of new and exciting items for sale, and to extend our reach through various on-site sales at Conferences and Special Events (see our News and Updates page for a list of upcoming sales and events).

Thank you again for your continued interest and support of SDDSTL Hongwanji Place (35 years running!). 

New Items

As we endeavor to fulfill our New Years Resolution, please visit our Items for Sale page for some of our new items:

  • "Amida is Calling" Popsocket- fits on the back of your smartphone and serves as a handle or stand;
  • "Club Gassho" Gym Bag- get fit while toting this stylish bag to your workout;
  • COMING SOON- "Year of the Boar" T-Shirt- watch for announcements;

Sutras for Smartphone

Ever find yourself in a place where you wish you had your favorite Sutra handy?  Bookmark our Sutra Chanting page and have easy access to a PDF version of Ju Sei Ge, Ju Ni Rai, or San Butsu Ge.

Contact Us

Phone Number

You can reach us at (424) 258-5775.  

E-Mail Address

​Our e-mail address is hongwanjiplace@gmail.com.  Please add us to your contact list.


Tell Your Friends!


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Hongwanji Place is located at Senshin Buddhist Temple at 1311 W. 37th Street in Los Angeles.  Store hours are as follows:

                   Wednesday     10-3

                   Thursday         10-3

                   Friday             10-3
                   Saturday         10-3

                   Sunday           11:30-2

​Please call or email us to ensure we are open on the day/time of your visit.  We also accept mail orders (visit our Items for Sale page). 

SDDSTL Hongwanji Place- Welcome!!!