SDDSTL Hongwanji Place- Welcome!!!

May Update (5/12)

Thanks to all of you who visited us at the Federation of Dharma School Teachers League Conference at the Fresno Dharma Center in April.  Now we move onward toward Obon season.  A new Dharma message (Gotanye) has been posted.

​New Item- Animal Kachi Kachi for Obon

​Aren't these cute?  We have these available for Obon- Order your favorite animal (comes in a matched pair)- Ladybug, Pig, Panda, Tiger, Frog, and Bee.  These are $6/pair (plus shipping).  Contact us to order.

​In Memoriam:  Nancy Tamehiro

​Nancy Tamehiro, our beloved Hongwanji Place Committee member, passed away last week.  She was a dedicated member of the Gardena Buddhist Temple, a long-time Dharma School Teacher, and long-time President of the Southern District Dharma School Teachers League.  Nancy always brought energy and passion to our activities.  She will be greatly missed.

Obon is on the Way!

It doesn't seem possible, but Obon is not that far away.  Look for our Obon offerings in an upcoming update.  The 2017 Southern District Obon Calendar is posted on our Obon 2017 page, and the list of the core dances to be included in the Southern District Obon programs has also been added.  Start stretching your "Bon Odori muscles" so you will be nice and limber for Obon time.  

Please take a look at all of our items on sale on our webpage, and be sure to visit our store when you are in LA.  We have some information on our next sales in our News and Updates tab.

Tell Your Friends!

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Hongwanji Place is located at Senshin Buddhist Temple at 1311 W. 37th Street in Los Angeles.  Store hours are as follows:

                 Wednesday     10-3

                    Thursday       10-3

                    Friday           10-3
                    Saturday       10-3

                    Sunday         11:30-2

​You may also mail in your order for your favorite items.